Our Mission: Complete solutions – from one source.

The performance attributes of Orbitalum Tools „Precision. Power. Simplicity.“ reflect the high precision, powerful and robust drive and tool designs as well as the ease and safe use of the products produced in Germany. Orbitalum products excel with high efficiency, ease of operation and a safe and mobile setup conforming to the latest safety standards.


A square, deformation- and burr-free cut or a reproducible pipe end preparation is a must for an orbital welding process. The Orbitalum Tools GmbH develops, produces and markets these highly precise machines and tools as well as the corresponding consumables for the piping industries as well as for utilities. Our orbital welding systems enable a precise, documentable and safe welding of piping systems.



Durable, robust and powerful systems and machines enable a continuous and effective usage for your individual application. Either for a professional weld preparation or for an orbital welding solution, even in challenging conditions – Orbitalum Tools GmbH is your global partner with
a worldwide presence and logistics network.


As complexity and demand are continuously increasing in our surroundings, Orbitalum Tools GmbH is focusing on systems and machines that are ergonomic and user friendly and specially made for end customers. Intuitive operater guidance and a simplified service diagnostic enable a fast practice and an efficient completion.